Custom Training

Threat Management Group utilizes first-hand experience in combat and specialized military operations to provide training and training support to a wide variety of clients. With training and support teams located around the world, TMG’s Training Division captures lessons learned on the front-lines of battle to better prepare individuals to survive dangerous situations at home and abroad.

About Custom training

  • Military, Federal, State, Corporate and Private training programs available
  • 17+ years of training experience
  • Worldwide deployable mobile training teams
  • Curriculum Development and Program Management capabilities
  • Recent and relevant intelligence capabilities ensure realistic training scenarios
TMG prides itself on employing the most well-rounded, disciplined and experienced leaders the military has trained. Through the gauntlets of military training, our instructors have learned the fundamental skills required to be part of team as well as to lead a team.

Threat Management Group understands the demand units have to train and cannot always send their unit members to training. We have Mobile Training Teams that can come to your unit’s location to train.