Drone Detection

TMG provides unique solutions for a changing world:

  • Real Time UAS Detection/Pilot Location
  • Counter Drone Mobile Event Security
  • Permanent Counter Drone Technology Installation


Drone Detection

Turn-Key UAS programs require significant planning and a logistical support plan that covers the entire life cycle of the UAS and support equipment. This plan must account for acquisition, operations and management, software/firmware updates, maintenance, sustainment, and a training plan for all personnel involved in the program.

TMG gives our customers a competitive advantage in the UAS industry by providing them with FAA/UAS/COA SMEs who have successfully submitted multiple COA’s and Waivers that have been approved by the FAA.

Once tasked, we collaborate with our customers to determine their operational requirements and program goals. We use this information to create a scalable, holistic solution specific to our customer’s unique situation. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are included as part of this process, providing a framework for your team to follow once they are ready to take over.