Mission Support

Program Management

Our high standards for management are reflected in our expectations of all employees to conduct and present themselves in a professional manner. The following general principles and practices are the basic standards, which TMG expects from each employee:

• Demonstrate basic work-readiness skills and habits including punctuality, organization, productivity, cooperation, and the ability to work well with others.

• Ability to work independently on day–to-day responsibilities.

• Find information necessary to accurately understand work related topics, problems, issues, and the ability to communicate his/her interpretation of this information to others.

• Identify personal and professional strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Specialized Staffing

The professional instructors at Threat Management Group have excelled not only on the battlefield but also in the world of business. TMG prides itself on employing the most well-rounded, disciplined and experienced leaders the military has trained. Through the gauntlets of military training, our instructors have learned the fundamental skills required to be part of team as well as to lead a team.

Business Solutions

Our Organizational & Corporate Team Building and Leadership exercises focus on the fundamental skills that bring teams together and excel not only in the field but in the office. Our Team Building & Leadership Course will provide a fun and challenging curriculum from the beginner to the experienced leader. Throughout the course, our world-class instructors will work closely with each student to ensure that they have the concepts, information, skills and support necessary to master the fundamentals of both team building and leadership.

Our Clients