Private Sector

Why we serve

the Private Sector

The professional instructors at Threat Management Group have excelled not only on the battlefield but also in the world of business. TMG prides itself on employing the most well-rounded, disciplined and experienced leaders the military has trained.

How we serve

the Private Sector

TMG’s leadership in its various defense initiatives is based upon our proven ability to design, develop, integrate, operate, and maintain current and up-to-date management programs, technology integration, and process improvement. These programs include C-IED SME training programs, Mandatory Pre-Deployment Training Center support, Tactical Training programs with full life-support, Logistics Support, Live-Fire Range support programs and CBRNE Training programs.

· EOD Program Management

· Law Enforcement Program Management

· Serving All Five Armed Services

· On-Site Program Managers throughout the World

· Administrative Support

· Range Support

· Logistic Support

· Accurate Real-Time Training Scenarios and Training Aid Design/Production

· Instructor Certification/Management

· Curriculum Standard Enforcement,

· Mandatory Report/Deliverable Preparation and Delivery 100% on time record

· Customizable Operational Services

· Global Support, 24 hours a day

Our Clients