Hex Drone Training Kit

Product Description

The Hex Drone Training Kit includes the following: a Hexa-copter Drone with 6ea Brushless Motors; 18ea Propellers; 1ea Flight control/autopilot circuit module with integrated Ground Station Module allow for Auto Take-Off and Landing, Failsafe Return-to-Home Functions w/ standard return-to-home function, Waypoint Flight Mode, On-screen telemetry/battery data, Video/picture capture, w/ 16CH Digital Telemetry Radio System; 1ea 16 channel hand held radio receiver controller; 7” HD-LCD screen integrated/attachment capable; 4ea Batteries; 1ea battery charging unit; 1ea First Person View (FPV) goggles; 1ea Hard bodied/frame, foam lined, weather resistant storage case; 1ea System integrated, on-board, ordnance simulator drop system compatible w/ existing radio frequency (RF) initiated training blasting caps and training IED simulation systems. This Kit is made in the USA. Assembly, configuration and testing of the Kit complies with FAR 52.225-5 – Trade Agreements, and also FAR 52.204-24 through 26 regarding the Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment.