HME Lab Plus-up Kit

Product Description

The HME Lab Plus-up Kit is designed to complement the Portable HME Lab Kit for a more complete representation of an HME lab. The HME Plus-up kit includes: 3ea large drying tarps (12’x12’) blue/black/gray , 1ea large 2-gallon round steel coffee maker with the larger metal filter, 6ea Erlenmeyer 1000ml glass flasks with cork tops, 2ea natural gas Bunsen burners, 4ea Neoprene Bunsen Burner Hoses (3ft ea) internal diameter 1/4’” and outer diameter of 7/16”, 4ea digital cooking thermometers, 2ea metal flask stands for over the Bunsen burners, 2ea (200pcs) Craft Sticks (popsicle sticks) wooden, 4ea liquid droppers (small and large), 4ea large metal bowls (1 gallon capacity), 1ea large (5 gallon) caldron/pot with lid.