IED Container Kit

Product Description

The IED Container Kit provides extra containers for your IED building needs, and includes 6 of each PVC Piping (2″ x 36″, 3″ x 36″, 4″ x 36″), 12 of each PVC End Caps (2″, 3″, 4″), 12 of each PVC Elbows (2″, 3″, 4″); 6ea Galvanized Piping, both ends threaded (1.25″ x 12″), 12ea Galvanized 90 degree elbows; 12ea galvanized external end caps; 12ea internal plug fittings; 3ea Small backpacks (20-30 Liter) ; 3ea Large backpacks (40-50 Liter) ; 5ea Lunch boxes (plastic personal coolers); 5ea thermal lunch bags (minimum 16” L x 11” D x 12.5” H); 2ea Briefcases 17”L x4”D x 13”H; 2ea General purpose plastic tool box or Fishing Tackle boxes; 5ea Paint can,1 gallon; 10ea 1 gallon paint can lids; 3ea Paint buckets, 5 gallon; 6ea Lids for Paint buckets; 2ea Ice chest/cooler 48 quart; 2ea Carry on size luggage roller bags; 2ea check baggage luggage roller bags; 2ea highway hazard barrels (orange/white), 10ea heavy duty foam layer inserts that are die-cut into one inch squares.