Portable HME Lab Kit

Product Description

The Portable HME Lab Kit is a set design that increases training realism. It is packaged in portable, weatherproof, heavy duty cases. The kit includes: 2 pair Chemical Resistant Gloves; 1 pair rubber knee boots (size 12); 1ea premium cast iron grinder for wheat and grains; 1ea small refrigerator; 1ea hydrochloric acid 55 gallon chemical drum (empty); 1ea large half mask respirator; 2ea goggles (direct vent); 5ea 2 gallon jugs; 2ea 4-liter amber glass bottles; 3ea 1-liter “sterile water” (empty) ; 2ea artificial ice cubes (12 piece, 1”, clear); 1ea pressure cooker; 1ea copper tubing ¼ inch; 1ea electric countertop range; 2ea “aluminum powder” (500g); 2ea “hydrogen peroxide” 16 oz bottles; 1ea citric acid (5 lb); 1ea sugar (1 lb); 3ea cookie sheets (various sizes); 1pkg coffee filters; 9ea mason jars; 5ea inert urea nitrate bags; 2ea “acetone” (1 quart); 1ea camp stove fuel tablets (hexamine); 5bx matches (100); 4ea middle eastern jugs; 1ea lab equipment package (dropping bottles, beakers, graduated cylinders, Erlenmeyer Flasks, ceramic gauze, crucible, cover, evaporating dishes, forceps, funnels, droppers, rubber stoppers, scoops, stirring rods, test tubes/rack, lab tongs, watch glass, plastic aprons, beaker brushes, hand mitt, rulers, spring scales, thermometers, and cast iron ring stand with rod and clamp). Complete kit fits inside 2 heavy duty cases and the 55 gallon “hydrocloric acid” drum for easy storage and portability.