R-Link IED Monitor Kit with Caps

Product Description

The R-Link IED Monitor Kit increases realism in IED training scenarios. The Kit includes an R-Link Receiver, 5ea R-Link Caps and an all-weather storage case. Operation and use: When the R-Link Cap is activated, it sends a radio frequency (RF) signal to the R-Link Receiver to alert the training instructor that a training IED has been activated by a student. R-Link Caps simulate blasting caps in training IEDs. The R-Link Monitor Kit supports the use of fully functional IED Training Aids that are 100% visually accurate, replacing unrealistic training scenarios and reducing confusion during X-ray and render safe procedures. Users simply build (or purchase) an electrically functional circuit and place the R-Link Cap where an electric blasting cap or firing signal receiver would normally go. During training, if the IED circuit is triggered by a student, the R-Link Cap sends a signal to the R-Link Receiver indicating that the IED has been initiated. The system can also activate a 12V output signal on the integrated binding posts. The 12V output on the R-Link Receiver sends a signal that can fire various types of monitoring systems, such as a siren/strobe, electric matches, non-pyrotechnic C02 battlefield effects and other monitoring systems that can receive an initiation signal.