C-IED Products

TMG developed and implemented customized training packages to ensure compliance with all pre-deployment requirements while providing lifesaving skills and techniques. This support is currently being provided to multiple Region Training Centers throughout the world.

• Full Time IED Fabrication at NAVSCOLEOD Advanced IED’s
• Both classroom and practical, in-the-field training
• Designed and maintained IED Training Lanes at multiple locations
• Simulator-enhanced IED training aid
• Current IED Tactics Techniques and Procedures
• Topics Include: IED awareness, IED identification, Hazard recognition

UAS Products

Threat Management Group’s line of Threat Products are the direct result of inputs and experience from personnel on the front lines in active theaters, instructors tasked with providing pre-deployment training and military members preparing for an over-seas deployment. We strive to provide our front line warriors with training products that remove all possible simulations at the lowest prices in the market.

• Rigorous testing in the most extreme conditions and climate
• Designed for use in field training conditions
• Crafted with machine precision
• Safe, reliable and quickly set up
• Field tested at our UTC prior to being made available to our clients

AETC Portal

The AETC Portal is available to authorized Air Education and Training Command (AETC) customers. For more information about how to become an AETC customer, please contact TMG.