TTP Development

Threat Management Group provides proven, reliable and result based exercise management capabilities to various customers throughout the world. Our team supports the full spectrum of support from large scale XCTC exercises to small, class sized, FINEX programs held at the conclusion of our many training events.


TTP Development

While some agencies attempt to develop their program “in-house” to save money, the end result typically costs significantly more, in terms of man-hours spent, as personnel build their knowledge base and attempt to establish a support network in order to produce deliverables that may not provide the desired outcome. TMG gives our customers a competitive advantage in the developing TTPs by employing our own team of experts who have successfully designed programs across multiple services, communities, and corporations.

These are some of the training TTPs we have developed in the past.

·       Large Scale Exercise Support

·       Vehicle Down Considerable Casualty Exercises

·       High Value Target Operations

·       Water Vessel Visit Board Search and Seizure Exercises

·       Soft and Hard Hit Raids

·       Extended Foot Mobile Patrols