Risk Management

Customers/Clients interested in procuring and utilizing an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) should be aware that a safe and legal program entails multiple aspects aside from the actual UAS. TMG’s vetted process has helped both commercial organizations and Government agencies obtain Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to operate UAS in the National Airspace.


Risk Management

TMG gives our customers a competitive advantage in the UAS industry by providing them with FAA/UAS/COA SMEs who have successfully submitted multiple COA’s and Waivers that have been approved by the FAA.

TMG provides unique solutions for a changing world:

  • Real Time UAS Detection/Pilot Location

  • Counter Drone Mobile Event Security

  • Permanent Counter Drone Technology Installation

  • Threat Drone Security Coordinators

  • Threat Drone Security Vulnerability Assessments

  • Counter Drone Standard Operating Procedures/TTP’s