Drone Maintenance Kit for UAS

Product Description

The Drone Maintenance Kit includes the tools and equipment you may need to maintain or repair small drones. This kit is also useful for other repair and maintenance projects, and it is fully portable, so working in the field becomes a lot easier. The Kit includes 3 rugged storage cases with wheels and custom foam, 1ea Fluke Clamp Meter, 1ea Fluke Multimeter, 1ea Fluke Deluxe Test Lead Set, 1ea spot welder, 1ea caulk gun, 1ea power supply (1200W, 50A), 1ea socket & wrench set, 1ea Dewalt® 20v cordless drill, 1ea Dremel® Rotary Tool, 1ea “Helping Hands” Solder Kit with LED, 1ea Solder Station, 1ea Cordless Heat Gun, 1ea Full Size Glue Gun, 1ea Cordless Screwdriver, 1ea Screwdriver Bit Set, 6 piece plier set, 1ea Snap Off Blade Utility Knife, 1ea Pick and Hook Set, 1ea X-ACTO® Knife, 1ea Automatic Center Punch, 1ea Tin Snips, 1ea Heavy Duty Scissors, 1ea Lighted Tweezers, 1ea Utility Knife, 1ea Precision Screwdriver Set, multiple Phillips and Flat Head Screwdrivers, 1ea 1/4″ Nut Driver with magnetic tip, multiple vice grips and wrenches, 1ea Infrared Digital Thermometer w/ Laser, 1ea Digital Bench Scale, 1ea Digital Hanging Scale, 1ea Drill Bit Set, 1ea Cordless Screwdriver w/ Battery and Charger, 1ea Screwdriver Bit Set (Hex Shank, Long SAE Hex Key Set, Long Metric Hex Key Set), 1ea level – 9″, 1ea Digital Calipers, Spring Clamps: 2″ and 4”, Adjustable Bungee Strap: 36″, 1ea Wire Stripper (10-22 AWG), 1ea Ratcheting Crimper (10-22 AWG), Crimpers (MOLEX/JST, Coaxial, Ethernet/RJ45), 1ea Rubber Mallet, 1ea LED Flashlight, 1pr Safety Gloves, 1pr Safety Glasses, 1ea 10 ft Heavy Duty Lighted Extension Cord, 1ea LED Headlamp, 1ea Corded Handheld LED Light,and a small plastic case for extra parts.